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Rumson EMS Aquires New Ambulance

On May 1, 2023, Rumson acquired a brand new ambulance, replacing our 22 year old rig.  This could not have happened without the support of the community, the Borough Council and the hard work of many squad members.  The new Demers ambulance sits on a Ford 350 four wheel drive chasis, and has many new safety features such as 6 point seat belts, LED cabin and emergency lighting, improved suspension, and a retractable entry step, 


Five New EMTs and Another on the Way!

EMTs are the lifeblood of any EMS squad.  In fact we cannot go on a call without an EMT.  To become an EMT requires months of rigorous classes, passing multiple written tests, demonstrating competence during physical scenarios, and passing a national certification test.  Graduation rates are low. That's why it is such a big deal that Rumson now has 5 new EMTs and another just days away.  Congradulations and thank you to Cyndi Aylward, John Jarvis, Pete McGovern, Dave Pearson, Chris Stout, and Tim Wisely.

Girl Scouts Visit the Rumson Station

Girl Scout Troop 60570 visited Rumson EMS on June 5 to get a better understanding of what we do and how we do it.  The girls got to tour our new ambulance, learn how some of equipment works, and how they can join the squad once they enter high school.  "It was so much fun" said Captain Elze.  "Hopefully some of these girls will decide to join our squad when they are old enough. In the meantime they at least understand who to call and how they can help during during a medical emergency."










EMS Cadets Win Scholarships

    Three  Rumson students from the graduating RFH class of 2022 were awarded scholarships in part due to their participation in the Rumson EMS cadet program.  Hunter Leonard received the EMS award.  Lyla Milkkowski and Nick Pinsly won scholarships from the RFH Class of 1972.  All three will be attending college this coming Fall.  Congratulations to all five of our cadets who graduated this week and will become full time members of the squad.    

   Our cadet program is open to students 16 years or older.  Cadets participate in calls.  The squad provides specialized training and social events.  Perspective cadets should go to Join Our Squad.

Former Captain Burns, and our Cadet program leads Lt. Jake Milkowski and Kirstin Feldsmann celebrate graduation with cadets Charlie Pearson, Lyla Milkowski, Hunter Leonard,and Nick Pinsly

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